The foldable straw panama

Tuesday, June 8, 2010
For a day or two it looked as if summer might have reached London, but now we're back to a nice June drizzle. Still, I am always an optimist and am looking to add a couple of items to my summer wardobe.

One of the first will be a straw panama hat. The classic panama is almost indestructible and, indeed, can be rolled up and carried in a tube, or just stuffed into a bag. Their relaxed smartness combined with ease of carrying and resilience to damage, makes them the perfect alternative to the ubiquitous baseball cap for wearing with anything more formal than shorts and tshirt.
Bates the Hatter do a very traditional Panama hat, or for a slightly cheaper version the Aspinal of London one (pictured above) seems like a good bet. It is available with a variety of different ribbons, although personally I would just go for the dark blue. Wear it with chinos and a blue linen blazer, or maybe just jeans and a white cotton jacket.