The Irish Tweed Project: Part 1

Sunday, May 9, 2010
I've recently been given a length of Irish tweed which was, apparently, bought by my Godfather around thirty years ago but never used. It's a fairly unusual material for a suit; coarse and, as seems to be common with Irish tweed, without any specific pattern. Instead, it's mostly grey but tinged with green and flecked throughout with tiny amounts of colours as diverse as white, red and lime green.

I think it would make a wonderful, if old-fashioned, country suit, but sadly I'm not completely sure that the length I have is sufficient. It's about 3 1/4 yards, which is less than most people have recommended to me. That said, the fact that it has no pattern ought to make it easier to cut more usable pieces from a shorter length of cloth. I will speak to a couple of tailors to get an idea of whether they can make a suit from this and, if so, how much it will be. If a suit isn't possible then it will, at least, make a nice new tweed jacket.