Election Style 1

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
The UK General Election campaign is well underway, and the news is full of pictures of the three main party leaders; at schools talking to kids, at rallies, in their campaign bus, on the train, etc.

I'd have liked to do a series weighing up the personal styles of Messrs Brown, Cameron and Clegg but there's really not much to choose between them; all three favour plain, bold ties, plain light-coloured shirts and sober grey or blue single-breasted suits. After last week's debate, an 'expert' judged that Brown and Cameron wore tailor-made suits, while Clegg's was off-the-rack. This may be true, but I doubt that the slight differences were noticable to most of the audience.

To be fair, I suspect that sadly the public doesn't really want a Prime Minister who wears braces and a pocket square, or anything that looks too obviously 'flashy' or expensive. Surely, though, we could at least do with a Prime Minister who knows to keep his jacket and tie on when he's speaking in public? I note that Cameron in particular has a nasty tendency to take his clothes off at the first opportunity, but he's not the only one. Many politicians seem to favour the 'jacket off, tie off, sleeves rolled up' look, and perhaps miss the fact that it strips them of a great deal of much-needed dignity and gravitas.