A cute little dress...

Thursday, April 22, 2010
I really needed a break from all the paperwork and website work that is covering my desk.  So I decided to make this sweet dress for my little friend Julianna, age 3.

I saw a pattern for a top exactly like this at That*Darn*Kat on Etsy, and first thought "That's so simple, I can draft it myself!"  Then I had second thoughts. I decided that it just isn't right for me to copy a designer's hard work, so I bought the pattern. The pattern is designed as a top, so I just lengthened it to make this dress.  I plan to make many more.  This pattern is very fast and easy to sew, with excellent step-by-step instructions and color photographs.

Back to copying patterns.  I have "borrowed" design details that I've seen on pattern photographs many times....never intending for my finished garment to look exactly like my inspiration.  This time I bought the pattern because I wanted to make a garment as close as possible to the original. I also wanted to support an Etsy seller.  And while I think it's OK to get inspiration from others' patterns, it is my opinion that it's not right to try to copy them exactly.  So if you like this dress, the pattern is available as a top at That*Darn*Kat.