A double-breasted grey flannel suit

Sunday, March 14, 2010
I certainly hope that one day I'll be able to buy whatever clothes I want, but if so I will miss one of the great pleasures of wardrobe-building on a budget: finding bargains in thrift and charity stores. Giuseppe at An Affordable Wardrobe has a great blog focusing largely on this, but it's worth doing for anyone, as it's not unheard-of to find Savile Row quality bespoke suits in charity stores for under £100. They may not fit you perfectly, but you'll still have the great quality and construction, and as long as you find something that's a reasonably close fit, it can be adjusted.

Anyway, I unexpectedly found a great suit the other day. Not bespoke, as it happens, but a very nice double-breasted flannel suit from Hackett, in charcoal grey. I've been after a flannel suit for ages, as I absolutely love the luxurious look of it, and the weight of the cloth gives suits a beautiful drape. The suit could do with a few small adjustments, but it's a pretty close fit already.

Suits in this sort of very dark grey are a good substitute for black, to wear to a less formal dinner or an evening cocktail event. It's also a good understated option for business wear. I think the plain charcoal colour looks great against white, so here I've paired it with my white collar and cuff shirt, and a plain white pocket-square.