A Classic Shirt...with Color Contrast Details

Monday, March 8, 2010
This menswear shirt is of my original design, and was so much fun to sew because of its mix of design elements.  This shirt's main design feature are the contrasting front button plackets. As you can see, the left placket is cut on the bias and the right placket is made from solid white fabric.  To complete the 'contrast' design theme of this shirt, the inner yoke, inner cuffs,  and collar stand were also cut from the same solid white fabric used on the right placket. Other design features include Curved Edge Cuffs, Bias Sleeve Plackets,  and a Rounded Pocket.

Before I  get to the sewing notes, let me apologize for the rather poor quality of the photograph. I only had  few minutes to pin the shirt to my photo-wall, snap the pic, then press the shirt again before packing it and getting to the Post Office before it closed :)

SEWING NOTES: Fabric is Swiss Cotton from my personal shirt-making stash,  PRO-WOVEN FUSIBLE INTERFACING and Buttons 
from ~Fashion Sewing Supply~

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