Style Icon: James Bond

Thursday, February 18, 2010
For some reason James Bond has become closely associated with Black Tie, probably the result of a number of posters featuring Sean Connery in a dinner jacket. He's certainly worn some lovely examples over the years, but focusing just on this is to ignore the beautiful examples of British tailored suits that appear in the films, especially on Connery's Bond.

Many of the suits worn by Bond in the early films were made by Connery's own tailor, Anthony Sinclair, located not on Savile Row but on nearby Conduit Street. Some of his suits are examples of the 'Conduit Cut', a pared-down cut with flapless, besom pockets (as can be seen above). At other times, such as in Goldfinger (below) he wears classic three-piece suits in traditional Savile Row style.

Bond may not wear the most interesting shirts, ties or pocket squares but then again, he is a civil servant and he does, at least, know where to go for his suits.