'Fun' Socks

Monday, January 4, 2010
Every public schoolboy, City banker and succesful barrister knows that the rule about matching your socks to your trousers is made to be broken. So long as, and this is important, it is broken so absolutely, and so boldly, that it can only be deliberate. Wear blue socks with a grey suit and you run the risk that people will think you can't dress yourself. Wear bright red socks with a flower motif, though, and you'll probably get away with it.

My most 'fun' socks come from Paul Smith. So far they've all been gifts (thank you to my siblings and their kindness and good taste for the last couple of Christmases) and they vary from some classic Paul Smith colourful stripes to the bright and wacky patterns in the picture above.

I think these kind of socks go especially well with more casual outfits, such as the odd trousers and brown brogues above, but they can be perfectly acceptable with a suit, so long as you judge the occasion right.

A few things that might be worth considering:
  • Don't wear them all the time. If you're best known for your colourful socks then your life probably needs a drastic rethink.
  • Get the situation right. Not all bosses will appreciate you wearing pink socks to a client meeting.
  • Don't go overboard. Wearing your most fun socks with your most unusual suit, brightest tie and snazziest pocket square will make you look like an idiot. Whenever you wear one unusual item of clothing, everything else needs to be fairly conservative.