A Silk Scarf

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Given the weather across most of the UK today, it seemed like a good time to mention one of my first new purchases of 2010, a silk scarf. I've been looking out for one for a while, and, while I was tempted by a polka dot one from somewhere like Paul Smith and Aspinal of London, what I really wanted was one in a traditional Paisley pattern. They're a bit more interesting, and, if I'm going to wear a silk scarf, it may as well be a colourful one. Sadly, these sorts of scarves seem to be slightly harder to find.

In the end, I found this fetching red and blue one. As seems to be common with this sort of scarf, it's printed silk on one side, and plain blue wool on the other. This gives it a bit more weight, and probably makes it warmer too, which is nice. Silk is surprisingly warm anyway and, even when it's not tightly tied, as below, it makes a big difference against the wind and snow.

Like anything, it's probably not something to wear every day, and I shan't stop falling back to a very conservative charcoal grey cashmere scarf a lot of the time, but the paisley certainly brightens up your outfit when you're wrapped up in a dark overcoat.