An afternoon in St James, and a suit that fits.

Monday, December 7, 2009
Saturday was a particularly raucous day in central London. The combination of three-week-before-Christmas shopping and a climate change demonstration of some kind (protestors on bicycles completely undermined by police officers in idling vans) made most of Oxford Street, Regent Street and Piccadilly pretty unbearable.

I was in town for a brief visit to ASuitThatFits' new(ish) premises on Glasshouse Street for a fitting of my dark blue self-stripe three-piece. I was slightly nervous about my first view of a suit which I spent a lot of time on designing and which I've been waiting for long enough to second-guess almost every decision I made. In the event, it's looking fantastic, although it needs a few minor adjustments, not least the addition of braces buttons, which they managed to forget to do. Sadly, I didn't think to get a photo, but I shall get one on the 14th when I go back for a second fitting.

I did have the distinct feeling that it might largely be down to me to identify changes I wanted made and I'm not always as confident asking for tweaks as I probably should be. I'd also have really appreciated an all-round mirror arrangement to help me check the fitting from the side and back. That said, David, the Senior Style Advisor who fitted me, was helpful, knowledgeable, and professional and I didn't feel any pressure at all to take the suit home without asking for adjustments. More importantly, the suit itself is lovely, with a number of nice touches that identify it as not just an average off-the-peg suit. Best of all (the adjustments notwithstanding) it fits me better than almost any other item of clothing I own. Wearing a made-to-measure suit feels noticeably more comfortable, with none of the awkwardness that can come from clothes that nearly, but don't quite, fit.

Anyway, after this is was time to escape the crowds, and so I headed to the relatively quiet environment of Jermyn Street and then to the East India Club, where I was pleased to find a large Christmas tree in the lobby adding to the general feel of comfortable peace and quiet.