The Waterfall Cowl Revisited...Changing the Pleat Position.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Here is another interpretation of Ottobre Woman Issue 2/2009, #5 ...the "Waterfall Blouse"
Ottobe "Waterfall" Drape Cowl

I always change the front shoulder gathers into a pleat when I make this style. On this newest top, I positioned the pleat near the shoulder point with the fold toward the shoulder seam. Orienting the pleat in this way results in a rounded drape...which I think suits the print of the fabric.

When I place the pleat near the neck edge , the drape folds form more of a V shape, as shown to the left (and in more detail further down the main page of the blog).

Both of these tops are welcome additions to my fall wardrobe.