"Twisted Shoulder" Tattoo Tank Top

Thursday, July 30, 2009
This fun and funky top was made for my niece Bella, age 8.
Sadly, she has out-grown ruffles...sigh...

Bella's twisted-shoulder Top

I started by using one of the iron-on transfers from the book "Tattoo Tees" (see post below for book details).

After the "Tattoo" was set, I cut out Ottobre Design Pattern #13, from the 04/07 issue. It is just a flared T-shirt top. I decided to omit the sleeves, and to add a little twist detail to one shoulder:

To allow for the twist, I added 1/2" in length to one front shoulder as I was cutting it out. Next I sewed the UN-twisted front shoulder seam to its matching back shoulder...then finished the armholes, neckline and hem with the serger because I wanted a very casual look for this top. The other front shoulder was twisted once (maybe twice...I just twisted it until it looked "right"). The remaining shoulder seams were then sewn as usual, Right Sides Together.

This top was fun and fast to sew...about 45 minutes from start to finish!