Vintage Shirt...A Little Progress

Sunday, June 14, 2009
Writing an article for a sewing publication among other things, has kept me so busy that I've only been able to make a little progress on Roger's Shirt.

I decided to make banded pockets, cut on the bias. Here's what one looks like on the shirt front, ready to be sewn (I'll adjust the position a bit before stitching).

Pocket on Shirt

This is the pocket from the wrong side. This pocket is cut on the bias, and because I know how rough Roger is on pockets, I needed to stabilize the stretch of the bias cut fabric or they'd be hopelessly stretched-out in no time!

I fused Pro-Sheer Elegance Interfacing (cut on the straight grain) to the wrong side of the pocket. This interfacing is so sheer and flexible that you can barely tell that it's there...yet it completely stabilizes the bias cut fabric.