Batik Bermuda Shirt

Sunday, May 3, 2009
I have a client who spends his time sailing from one Caribbean Island to another. What a nice life, hmm? This very nice "gentleman sailor" contacts me from time to time for a new shirt or two. His recent request was for a casual shirt in "some sort of dark tone print."

How lucky for both of us that I had the perfect cotton batik among my shirt fabrics!

Mens Batik Shirt

This shirt is of my own design, that I call "The Bermuda Shirt". It is a classic "camp shirt" silhouette, with some very subtle shaping of the side seams and a collar that curves, rather than laying flat against the shoulder. The side shaping avoids an overly baggy look, while still providing a loose comfortable fit.
The curved collar elevates this shirt from Off-The-Rack to Just Right...for a night at the nearest island's hottest Tiki Bar :)

"Pool Boy? I'd like a margarita, please....and don't forget the little umbrella ! "

SEWING NOTES: Collar and Facings interfaced with
PRO-WEFT FUSIBLE INTERFACING, from ~Fashion Sewing Supply~