WOW! MY Garment in Claire Shaeffer's NEW BOOK!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I LOVE my Fed-Ex Man!
He dropped this off today...

Claire Shaeffer's newest Book !

Since the first edition in 1989,Claire Shaeffer's Fabric Sewing Guide has been a one-stop resource for sewing and quilting enthusiasts, with answers to the most common fabric sewing questions and details about the latest advancements in sewing.

This NEW, full-color, second edition has been completely revised and contains everything sewers need to know, and will surely reference again and again.

In addition to an extensive glossary with answers to the most common sewing questions, this must-have guide includes easy-to-read charts for needle sizes and thread, interfacing types, the addition of 225 color photos and a fabric and fiber dictionary.

And of course I am beyond thrilled that my Acrylic Sweater Knit Tunic is featured...where else...but on the "Acrylic" page (page 97 to be exact) of the "Fiber Content" section!

Not only does Claire show my garment and mention my name and Design Studio, (thrill! thrill! thrill!) she also references my line of custom Sewing Interfacing in the "Interfacing" section of the book and again among the source listings. As so many of you know, my interfacing can be found at ~Fashion Sewing Supply~

Thank-you SO much Claire...for writing such a wonderfully comprehensive book that will soon become a "MUST HAVE" in everyone's Sewing Library!

And Thank-you for including me...which truly is an honor!