Thursday, January 1, 2009
There are so many interesting buttons available today. So why oh why do we see the same old boring, blah, ho-hum buttons on almost every shirt and blouse?

Economics is one answer. Large shirt manufacturers buy huge volumes of plain boring, ho-hum, blah buttons at an amazingly low cost, and therefore use them....over and over and over again.

Red buttons on a white dress shirt may not make the proper statement in the boardroom, but then again these days...who knows? The example photograph shows a mixed variety of buttons of different size and color against a background of glorious BLUE STRIPED Swiss Cotton shirting fabric.

Brown buttons with blue fabric? Why not? Pewter buttons? Fabulous! Feeling a little daring? Alternate white buttons with mottled gray/white buttons. Wooden buttons are such a wonderful unexpected detail.

Oh, you
like white buttons? Well, so do I! So use white buttons but try using textured ones or buttons of a slightly larger than average size.

C'mon...take a walk on the creative side!

Sewing Notes: Buttons from Fashion Sewing Supply,
"Buttons by the Scoop"...check site for current offerings.