Saturday, November 15, 2008
These fabrics speak to me of the colors of fall... tart cranberries, colorful mums, and bright falling leaves.

A wonderful cotton/lycra knit with subtle texture and a deliciously soft cotton corduroy print make a perfect pair for this set.

SEWING NOTES: Ottobre Design Turtleneck pattern, and the Farbenmix "Tomke" Blouse pattern. Pro-Tricot Fusible Interfacing used to stabilize the Turtleneck Collar and Pro-Weft Fusible Interfacing used to stabilize the over-blouse collar and front facings.

Twisted "Draped Cowl" Tutorial

Thursday, November 13, 2008
This is a quick stylish variation on a drape-front (true Cowl) silhouette that can be done in just minutes!


First, start with a drape-front cowl (photo #1) already in your wardrobe, or make one with the many patterns that exist for this style.

As shown In photo #2, turn the garment inside out and flip the facing up to expose the wrong side of front of the top.

Next, pinch some fabric near center front, twist it a bit, and hold the “pinched” fabric with a rubber band, as shown in photo #3. Later, if you want to make this design change permanent, the 'twist' can be stitched. Or just remove the band, and you have your original draped cowl!
Note: A small clear "ponytail" band works well for this!

Now turn down the facing to cover the banded fabric, as shown in photo #4.

As shown in photo #5, when the garment is turned right-side-out, the twisted detail becomes a new interesting design feature of the top!

Where you pinch and band the fabric is totally up to you: higher, lower, to the left or right of center, etc. There are infinite possibilities for design variations like these.... Have fun!

Time for "Soft Cozies"

Saturday, November 1, 2008

As the days turn chilly in Western New York,
it's time for "Soft Cozies"
...the name my nieces give to the various fleece tops
I design and sew for them this season, every year.

This Lilac fleece "swing" tunic features a curved bodice seam that is decoratively top-stitched and adorned with sweet flower shaped shell buttons. Starting with an Ottobre pattern, I liberally made design changes to suit the soft flowing look that I wanted this garment to have.