More Indulgence...

Friday, September 19, 2008
I ask there anything more exciting to those of us who "create" than getting a box full of fabulous fabric? This arrived on my doorstep yesterday from The Fabric

While I usually do most of my fabric shopping at the Ultra-Fabulous Gorgeous Fabrics, a friend gave me a gift certificate for this particular fabric.

Of course, this box of goodness arrived while I was working feverishly on our new website for ~Fashion Sewing Supply~ and I really did try to hold off digging into it right away. I continued to work on the new website while all this fabric was being pre-washed. But alas, I succumbed to creative urges, and made this bright fun Hoodie for my niece Bella as soon as the fabric was ready!

Is the new website finished? But it will be soon, I promise....really......!
But we continue to take orders through the original ~Fashion Sewing Supply~ site while the new one is under construction. However, I suspect I'll need to take another sewing break this weekend.....>smile<