Well...Gee.....I'm Honored!

Sunday, July 20, 2008
My dear sewing friend Liana bestowed this honor on me...thank-you Liana! If you are one of the 2 people out there who have never seen Liana's fabulous blog, Sew Intriguing you are in for a real treat!

Now, It's my turn to pass the "Excellence Badge" to (up to) 10 (only ten?!?) blogs I thoroughly enjoy and think deserving of the Excellence award. If they choose to, they can display the Excellence logo on their blogs, and nominate others as well.

Here are my picks, in no particular order:

Lori's Blog, Girls in The Garden, is a wonderful blog filled both with her fabulous sewing and photos of her amazing garden. She also produces a thoroughly entertaining and informative Podcast, Sew Forth Now, that also deserves an Excellence Badge.

Teri's Blog, Mermaids, is always a delightful read. She is both a talented sewist and gifted writer who gives her readers a glimpse into her family life, along with a lot of wonderful sewing!

What can I say about Ruth and Jessica's Blog, Sew Chic, except that it is a visual treat, filled with information and some of the best sewing I've seen on the web.

Kathleen Fasanella's Fashion-Incubator is THE blog for learning how professional Design Entrepreneurs take their ideas from concept to the factory floor. She also has some of the BEST Sewing Tutorials ever written on her blog...and it's a fun read too!

Loretta G's Blog, Fitting Tips! is filled with the author's extensive knowledge of sewing which she generously shares in an equally friendly and informative way.

Sigrid's Sewing Projects, is bursting with sewing knowledge and fabulous tutorials that highlight the author's considerable talent. Then she decided to collect the best sewing tutorials on the internet and put them all in one convenient place in another blog, Sewing Tutorials. What a great idea...thanks Sigrid...both of your blogs are Excellent!

Ann Steeves is class act with sass. Her blog is filled with sewing knowledge, and more. She and her blog are both Gorgeous Things !

What can I say about Londa and her blog, Londa's Creative Sewing Chatter, except that both are wonderful! Visit and read about sewing, creating, embellishment, and much more written in her delightfully special style!