Holiday Gift Sewing for the "Little Divas"

Monday, December 24, 2007
Wow....I didn't realize how long it's been since I've posted to this blog! We've been very busy at ~Fashion Sewing Supply~ selling yards and yards of our exclusive interfacing and other products, and of course I've been up late sewing shirts for my clients!

But in my "spare time" (!!!) I managed to sew several outfits for my nieces' holiday gifts. Here are just a few of many..........


This tunic, made from cotton/lycra knit with an inset of woven cotton print is a "tweaked" version of an Ottobre Design pattern. The jeans with decorative seams are of my own design and made with a glorious cross-weave denim from Gorgeous Fabrics.

This "mod" tunic was made from fabulously soft jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics, and wide wale corduroy from a chain fabric store. The Tunic design is a "tweaked" version of an Ottobre Design Pattern. The jeans in this pic and all the others are from a pattern I drafted myself.

This simple little cross-over Top is made from soft cotton knit fabric found online. The only change made to the Ottobre Design pattern used, was adding lettuce-edge ribbing to the neckline.

The Top with metal eyelet twill-tape trim is made from super-thick black cotton velour. It has a mock-turtleneck, and was made from a basic Ottobre T-shirt pattern. The elastic-back jeans are fashioned from wonderful stretch-corduroy from Trendy Fabrics...found there at a super low price!

Made from another fabulous fabric find from Trendy Fabrics, this cute berry print stretch corduroy top is a variation of an Ottobre Design pattern. Matching berry corduroy, again from Trendy Fabrics made up into super-soft jeans.

This variation on a classic peasant blouse is an Ottobre Design....made from yet another fabulously soft stretch corduroy from Trendy Fabrics!

Can you believe I had this cute fabric in my stash for years? I really like the way my variation of an Ottobre Design pattern turned bright and happy!

I think I have every fabulous stretch corduroy that Trendy Fabrics has in stock this season! This time the print stretch corduroy matched perfectly with the stretch velour used for my "tweaked" version of an Ottobre Design pattern.

Fleece from a chain fabric store is used in this variation of an Ottobre Design pattern. My variation features a double-lettuce ribbing neckline.

Plum stretch cord and a cute butterfly cotton interlock both from Trendy Fabrics makes a fun outfit. Again, this tunic top is a variation of a "tweaked" Ottobre Design pattern.

Bright cuddly fleece from a chain fabric store plus a basic Ottobre T-shirt pattern makes a very fun shirt with a jagged-edge batik applique.

Another fleece top with raw-edge strips of fabric used at neck and hems that also features eyelet trim.

Shirts Against Isolation by Kateřina Šedá

Sunday, November 25, 2007
From the pages of Trendletter at Fashion Office .org

Kateřina Šedá, Každej pes, jiná ves – Hemden, 2007. Courtesy Franco Soffiantino Arte Contemporanea, Turin

Shirts against Isolation Kateřina Šedá (born 1977 in Brno, lives in Brno and Prague) uses different media to initiate an artistic process. This exhibition presents several projects with installations, drawings, videos,... by the artist; one of these projects is titled after an Czech saying “Každej pes, jiná ves” (literally: “For every dog, a different village,” 2007). Šedá took an entire neighborhood as the object of her action, the “Plattenbau” concrete slab housing estate Nová Líšen in her hometown, Brno-Líšen, where the people live isolated from one another. Šedá produced 1000 shirts for 1000 households. She designed a pattern for the shirts showing the colorful concrete slab buildings in a repeating pattern - in the style of textile diamonds. She paired up the families according to a formalist diagram that she created, based on the ground plan of the development, and then sent each household a shirt “from” their partner family. Through this, Šedá sets in motion the possibility of a meeting, in which she is, however, not personally involved. She directs, but then withdraws, leaving things to take their course.

Read more about Katerina Seda here at the Exhibit Site

"Make These Shirts For Me!"

Wednesday, September 26, 2007
I opened my mail this morning to find these photos sent by one of my clients. These shirts are from the "Vivienne Westwood Man" collection.

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My client loves the funky look of these shirts (so do I), but wants me to "interpret" these styles to fit into his more conventional wardrobe.

This will be a fun assignment. I like many of the design details, but will lose the mismatched button/buttonholes while keeping the asymmetric shirt fronts with the V-shaped insets. Those funky back darts? Those will be going...going...gone! While cool for many I'm sure, they just look odd and rather contrived to me...or like a Home-Ec project gone way wrong!

Stay tuned for my shirt inspired by these designs....

Prince Seam Shirt with Bias Details

Wednesday, September 19, 2007
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This "Prince Seam" shirt is made from an unusual corded rayon/cotton blend shirting. The fabric has a slight sheen and was a delight to cut and sew. An Original design, the side panel and sleeve plackets were cut on the bias to highlight the characteristics of the fabric.

Dress Shirt With Bias Details and Curved Collar

Monday, September 10, 2007

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This shirt, made from Swiss cotton, features a bias button placket, and bias sleeve plackets. Another feature is the collar, which has a curved edge. The pattern was drafted by hand, and is an original design. You may notice that the sleeve plackets are very long, yet do not have buttons. The lack of buttons on the sleeve plackets is what my client prefers, and the customer is always right!

This Photo shows the collar, which features a curved outer edge. When the shirt is worn, the curved collar sits perfectly on the shoulders, without wanting to "flip up".

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A Man's Best Colors?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Wear your clothes, Don't let your clothes wear you!

While most women know their "best" colors...most men are in the dark about such color considerations. This article found on the Mens Fashion Tips site is a wonderful synopsis of color theory as it applies to men. In a clear and concise manner, the article gives a good overview of the concepts of blending clothing color to flatter the individual. Examples of contrast variations are given and examples shown. It's an article not to be missed by any man who cares about fashion and/or the women who dress them!

Textured Cotton Shirt with Cross-Stripe Detail

Tuesday, August 7, 2007
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This shirt with banded sleeves, banded pocket, and "Cross-Stripe" details was commissioned by a client of mine. I sent a swatch of the fabric, an unusual mid-weight cotton, with an interesting textured stripe. As soon as he saw it, he called and asked me to design a shirt that showed-off this beautiful fabric.

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In addition to the stripe details, this shirt has an interesting neckline that is a bit wider than usual, with a subtle "U" shape, rather than the usual round neckline curve. When worn, the collar sits slightly away from the neck, making it very comfortable in hot weather.

Pro-Weft interfacing was used to form and maintain the collar's soft shape and roll.

Oh My! New Shirting Fabric!

Monday, August 6, 2007
I get so excited when a new shipment of shirting fabrics arrives! The photo shows a few of the many shirt fabrics recently acquired from a few different vendors.

Many people ask me where they can find top-quality shirting fabrics. Let me share a few of my favorite sources.....

, located in Massachusetts, is a wonderful place to find many high quality fashion fabrics at great prices , including many absolutely
luscious shirtings!

The Philips Boyne Corporation , located in NY, specializes in selling fine shirting fabric. Check the website for their minimums, billing and shipping information.

HWA Seng Textile is located in Singapore and sells some of the finest shirt fabrics available anywhere in the world!

~Fashion Sewing Supply~ is the place to find Premium Quality Interfacing, designer shirt buttons, and more.

Batik "Spade Hem" Shirt

Thursday, July 12, 2007
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Yet another shirt for my husband's wardrobe! This shirt with collar-on-stand features banded sleeves, a seamed bias pocket, and a "Spade Hem". A Spade Hem is sharply angled rather than the usual straight or curved hems found on most shirts.

The Collar and Sleeve Bands are interfaced with Pro-Weft Interfacing.

Batik Camp Shirts & Peaked Pocket Shirt

Sunday, July 8, 2007
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I am finally getting around to posting photos of some of the shirts I drafted and sewed for my husband, Roger. Since his birthday, our anniversary, and Father's Day are all within a few days of each-other....I ended up making him quite a wardrobe of new shirts! Here are the first 3, I'll work on uploading the rest as I find the time.

The classic 'camp shirt' style, pictured above is made from a lovely cotton batik found at and features wood buttons. This dark green batik Camp shirt (below) was fashioned from fabric found at JoAnn Fabrics, and also features wood buttons.

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This blue and white micro stripe band-collar shirt is made from buttery soft Italian Cotton Shirting fabric, found at my new favorite fabric-binge shopping site.... Gorgeous Things ! It features a new pocket design I'll be introducing to clients, a "peaked top" pocket with piping detail.

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"Peaked Pocket"

"Cross Stripe" Shirt

Friday, May 4, 2007

This men's shirt is made from a beautiful shade of blue Swiss cotton. Design features include a front side panel cut on the cross-grain, band collar, an angle edge pocket, and pewter buttons.

Indigo Hemp Shirt

Friday, March 2, 2007

This mens shirt looks like denim, but is actually indigo hemp twill. The design is original (from a hand-drafted pattern), and features flat-fell seam details and band collar.

"HOW TO USE IT" ...Applying Interfacing!

Thursday, March 1, 2007
You will find that using all of our  Pro-Series Interfacings is virtually foolproof when you follow the instructions!
That's because they are made to the exacting standards of professional quality 
exclusively for ~FASHION SEWING SUPPLY~.  
Of course, you should test any interfacing (including ours) on your Fashion Fabric to make sure it is appropriate for your garment before fusing the entire project !

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Monday, February 26, 2007
Yes, dear's another camo shirt! But how could I resist this cute fabric, especially when it was only $2.00 a yard at where else but WalMart ? The pattern is hand-drafted...a simple camp shirt with front and back waist tucks to give it some shape.

Now my sewing will turn back to menswear.....I have many client orders to fill!

Pink Fizzy Shirt

Friday, February 23, 2007

A friend said this shirt reminds her of a refreshing fizzy drink! Bright and fun, it suits my niece Bella's always sunny personality. The pattern started as a BizzKids design, but I ended up making significant changes to the original rather unbalanced draft, including changing the curve of the princess seams and depths of the front and back yokes.

"Camo" Camp Shirt and Jeans

I am pleased with the way this rather plain brown "camo" fabric translated into this hand-drafted little camp shirt featuring front and back waist tucks. Paired with hand-drafted elastic-back jeans, and black hand-drafted T, it makes a cute outfit for my niece Willow.

Little Shirts and Jeans

Sunday, February 11, 2007
I just couldn't resist this embroidered camo perfect for my niece, Bella! So I made it up into this cute shirt after making some changes to an Ottobre Design pattern, adding front and back tucks at the waist. I just happened to have some distressed olive denim in my stash for jeans from a hand-drafted pattern. I added a red knit T-shirt (also hand-drafted) as a layering piece to brighten the look.
This "mod" print cotton shirt (above) and the aqua print shirt (below) were made from the same BizzKids pattern, for my niece, Willow. Both the black denim and tan cord jeans were made from a hand-drafted pattern.