The Rocketeer!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006
A question was asked recently on one of the internet sewing discussion lists: Did anyone learn to sew using a 50's era Singer sewing machine?

Yep! I did! It's still my favorite machine....I use it every day.

The one pictured here is a model 503, nicknamed the Rocketeer because of it's (then) ultra modern design. My father bought it as a gift for my Mother, who loved the machine, but procalimed, "....Don't ever get me another household appliance as a gift again. " Mom was a diamond/silk kind of gal, and although a wonderful seamstress and tailor, she none the less considered a sewing machine as a needed household appliance, not a gift to be associated with romance. LOL!

Now her daughter on the other hand (that's me), would love if her husband (that's Roger), would get me a new TOL sewing machine for our upcoming 10th wedding anniversary...he has until June to gather my hints and link them all together.....