Fabric Takes the Plunge

Sunday, June 5, 2005

There are some easy extra steps to take before your fashion fabric takes the plunge. A little preparation now will help keep the fabric from twisting and pulling as it goes through the wash cycle:

Open up the fabric to its full width. Next, fold the fabric opposite of the way it came off the bolt, matching up the full width of both cut edges. At the sewing machine, baste these edges together. Back at your table, smooth out the fabric, and align the selveges. Now, pin the selveges together with safety pins. Your fabric will now be open, folded in half, stitched together at one end, and pinned together on each side.

Essentially what you have done is reduce the length of fabric that will be manipulated in the wash. It will be far less likely to twist, allowing all of the fabric to be thoroughly washed and most importantly, rinsed of all soap.