Sunday, March 20, 2005
Pattern Stringcodes is a company that provides 'block' patterns for the fashion industry. They have a nifty FREE DOWNLOAD for a "pattern-making calculator" that can be used by anyone who sews!

Among other things, you can use this calculator to create a circle skirt, half-circle skirt, or use it to create a flounce: Type in an inner circle measurement (like waist or wrist), click on the icon for full circle, half circle, quarter circle, etc....and there it is, the radius you need to make a circle skirt that fits the input waist measurement, or flounce to fit the input wrist measurement. The calculator shows results in imperial fractions and decimal at the same time, and will convert inches to decimals.

Click the title of this post (or link) to check out the details of this nifty free calculator, view a screenshot, and download.